Denmark in winter


January 2019

As Arnold already mentioned in the previous editorial, we have a major project in Denmark concerning used printing, lacquering and assembly lines. As customary, we have called in the help of our Polish sister team to get the work done. Whereas Cazander takes care of coordinating the whole process of buying, selling, accommodating and arranging transport, our colleagues from Poland do the actual dismantling, packaging and loading. We have had the pleasure to work with this partner company already many years and the team members do not cease to amaze us in a positive way.


“International teamwork is the most vital and fascinating aspect of our company”


Lately, in Hedensted, we had to remove a complete Mailänder 460 coating line with a 27 meter long oven, including an incinerator and two burners. For the loading, we needed ten 40 ft high cube containers, which were neatly filled with 106 parts, ranging from a box with manuals to an afterburner and from air ducts to a coater. The resourcefulness of the team is a pleasure to witness. As we usually are guests in a plant in full operation, we have to make sure that we do not block or obstruct the regular factory traffic. Our mechanics, electricians and handy men cooperate to dismantle the line and divide the parts into neatly manageable packages without much disturbance in the grounds. Forklifts and pallet trucks are used to move the parts to a storage or directly to the nearby yard to load them into containers.



Our team is used to manoeuvre on the ‘square centimeter’, without hindering the factory people. The sight of two forklift drivers perpendicular to each other meticulously moving a 6 meter long burner into a container, while the truck driver is instructed to ‘slowly, slowly!’ move the container backwards, is a real pleasure. International teamwork is the most vital and fascinating aspect of our company. Sometimes the whole team is deployed to ensure the safe transfer of parts! Machines that are hardly smaller than the container opening, are loaded with absolute care and professionalism. And every bit of space is used as efficiently as possible in order to save on cost for extra containers. The self-reliance of our Polish colleagues is very high. They have a solution for every problem that occurs during  their work. Moreover, they are helpful, polite, humorous and welcoming. I look forward to our next joint operation!


Christa Graafland


Christa Graafland
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Christa Graafland

Cazander's Logistics Coordinator